About A.M.M.A.A.

A.M.M.A.A. simply means mother.
It is also a space, for mapping mother artists in Asia and their art practice. A.M.M.A.A. is a research initiative by Indian artist Ruchika Wason Singh, to document the different aspects of their art making and its possible relations with motherhood . The archive should serve as a space, both to make and claim , for and by mother artists in Asian countries; through their commitment to create despite maternal and domestic responsibilities.

A.M.M.A.A. is the first platform of its kind in Asia, to focus on mother artists and their art.

It is second of the two art projects  initiated and undertaken by Ruchika Wason Singh in June 2016. The first one being CreativeCollaborative Mothers. While A.M.M.A.A. is focused on mother artists of Asian origin ; CCM is a residency art project. It is aimed at providing a platform for mother artists within and outside of Asia; to collaborate on an idea/ subject/ experience and realise it in a short seven days residency in the town of Jeolikote, Uttarakhand, India. CCM and its activities will be a part of The Maternal Chord Archive , a database for documenting research on collaborations by mother artists.

See https://creativecollaborativemothers.wordpress.com

About the Researcher-

Ruchika Wason Singh (Ph.D) is a mother artist based in Delhi, India. She is currently Associate- Professor (Contractual) in the Dept. of Painting, B.F.A., College of Art, New Delhi. Ruchika has been a U.G.C. Junior Research Fellow at University of Delhi (2001-2006).Recent international exhibitions include Prescriptions , Beaney Art Museum, Kent, U.K. 2016 (curated by Dr. Stella Bolaki & Egidija Ciricaite) and The Blood of Women: Traces of Red on White Cloth ,Teatro Stabile Comunale, Isola del Liri, Italy, 2016 (curated by Manuela de Leonardis & Rosella Alessandrucci) . She is also member , Editorial Board, Journal of Mother Studies.



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