A.M.M.A.A. – The Archive for Mapping Mother Artists in Asia.

(A Research Project conceived and undertaken by Dr. Ruchika Wason Singh )

Call for Submissions
Submissions are invited from mother artists practicing in the field of visual arts , for the research project A.M.M.A.A.- The Archive for Mapping Mother Artists in Asia. The project is focused on the documentation of the identity, art practice and works of art created by women , who have pursued art making, despite maternal and domestic responsibilities. The project seeks to map mother artists of Asian origin living and creating in any Asian country. It also welcomes mother artists of Asian origin, living and creating anywhere outside of Asia.

Mother artists who would like to consider submitting to the archive, can do so from one or both of the following points of reference. As one whose art practice has been informed by the maternal experiences/ motherhood. And/ or as one who has not necessarily expressed herself through the maternal realm; nevertheless , has continued to create consistently after motherhood. The submitted material shall serve as an archive, bringing together diverse identities and experiences from Asia. The material submitted should be a compact overview of your art practice . You can choose to highlight / select the phases of your art you would like to share , ranging from just one to more in number. Of special interest are mother artists who have been working consistently, but , for one reason or the other; have not necessarily been in the main stream of the professional art scene in their country.

Eligibility – Practicing visual artists with a minimum of B.F.A. degree are eligible to send their submissions. However, any self-taught mother artist, with a body of work and an extensive exhibition history can also submit.( To include Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Installation, Performance art and Video Art )

Kindly submit the following materials
1. Cover Page – Your name , date of birth, nationality , current country of residence and contact details.

2. Two Photographs– One profile photo of the mother artist (no less than 1MB , to be pasted on the biography page, right hand top corner.)
One photograph of the mother artist with her child/ children (a close-up , no less than 2 MB and dated ).The mother-child photograph file should have the name of the mother artist and the date / year of the photograph) .

3. Five images of works created over a period of time (between 2 MB -3 MB ). You can include works created before pregnancy, but the project is focused mainly on your art practice during/ after pregnancy..
Each image file should have the following details , in the following sequence -[ Name of the artist (in block letters , surname first) , title, medium, size in cms., year of execution ].

4. Artist’s Statement – One A4 size page (Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 spacing, title bold). The statement should be in correspondence with the images submitted.

5. Biography – One A4 size page only. (Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 spacing, title bold ) .It should contain information such as date of birth, educational qualification, major exhibitions and achievements. Also to include the age of your child/ children. You can choose to write in separate sections, or as free writing in paragraphs.Your profile photo also comes here.

6. Signed Submission Form – Please sign, scan and submit the Submission Form.

Please DO NOT number the pages.
All text should be MS Word (separate files) labelled with – the content title, your name, country and date of birth.
All images should jpeg.(separate files attached, please do not paste the images in a word file)
In the subject line of your email, please write your name and country of birth and current stay.
The material submitted should be ready to print.
Deadline for submission is October 31st, 2016.
Please send your submissions to Ruchika Wason Singh at



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    1. Thanks so much for sharing information about A.M.M.A.A. on your website…I look forward to submissions from mother artists from Japan


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